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  • The solution we developed, Cloud DMS offers powerful archiving features allowing users to define a folder structure so that the documents can be found easily even without using the built-in search functionality:
    • a document viewer that can be used to assign custom metadata to documents either manually, added by the user, or automatically, added by the system based on business rules, that will then be added to the search functionality
    • automatic conversion of different types of documents in PDF format
    • creating a generic scanner driver so as to make it possible to detect any type of scanner at the client terminal
    • manual and automatic creation of relationships between documents, so that it allows finding and viewing other documents in relation to the searched document. For E.g. a notification is the result of a construction activity or related minutes
    • intelligent search by keywords
Astaldi, one of the world renown construction company needed to optimize back office and logistics processes for document management. Being a company acting in the construction industry since 1920, which provides management and engineering solutions worldwide. Having large numbers of specialists all over the world and tens of thousants issues and to be processed and managed , managing this activity was a real challange, and naturally there comes out the necessity of implementing a system that make this process easier and more effective.




Technologies used:

WCF, WPF, Workflow Foundation, Entity Framewor