Empowering your business with innovative solutions

docBrain is a cloud-based platform focused on delivering easy-to-use and customizable machine learning models for document understanding that handles solutions for companies from all domains of activities. It allows users with varying degrees of experience, from novice to expert, to prepare and train new or existing models, expose set models through APIs and create bespoke workflows for complex use cases all through a user-friendly interface.
Once the workflow is deployed the system also provides an automatic quality assurance branch that will maintain or improve the quality of the deployed models. docBrain offers a catalog of readily available, proven models with predefined engines for handwriting recognition, image enhancement and generic OCR.
Starting with the expansion of our team in the neural network sector, our partnership with the company has evolved as well. We managed to build custom neural networks that are being used in parallel with the document management system to allow for a faster processing of documents, the need of far fewer human operators and the increase of quality with at least 80 %.
  • docBrain runs in a private (Google) cloud, using state-of-the-art computer technologies (GPU/TPU/CPU) for extremely fast processing. Hence, docBrain requires no customer infrastructure know-how or management. The customer only needs a client device (such as desktop, laptop, tablet), a browser, a network connection and docBrain provided API for data transfer from and into the customer’s business systems.
  • docBrain has data security and data privacy by design. Moreover, the Google cloud provides ultra-safe operating environment. Customer data is never mixed with other customer data.
  • It offers also interoperability with existing client systems and high adaptability to the client’s needs through the use of a workflow system, each node being configurable, practically it is an RPA system